Vasota- Heaven On Sahyadris!

Hey, Hello Friends! After almost a month I am back with one more travel story, so just sit back, relax and take an awesome tour to Wild Beauty Vasota

There are some experiences in life which made you grateful for this Mother Earth and The Life you are living! Trekking is one of them    and if it follows the paths from Jungle then you just fall in love abundantly Vasota makes you fall in love with tall lush green trees..pleasant water of natural streams, Tiny paths covered with dried leaves, Coolness in weather, Sunrays which look at you in between, Sweet sounds of birds.. Beautiful flowers, Giant valleys of Sahyadri and count goes on..

After a great successful execution of trekking plan to Sinhagad CrazyUs dreamt of trek to Vasota and They made a plan to Koyana Backwaters Camping and trek to Vasota !

To execute travel plan it requires a great time and people management skill because you have to go along with some sloth bears who can’t wake up early and some selfie addicts who love posing at bus stop also! But luckily we have two great executors, Gopi and Sanmati who made it successful to get all on a bus at right time. And a beautiful journey started.The entire plan was decided and executed under the guidance of  Adventure Freak and Backpack Outdoors founder Mayur Khivasara.


Camping Site at Koyana Backwaters is the place every trekker dreams of. Spacious Tents, Homemade delicious food, Campfire and beautiful backwater side area to sit peacefully and sleep under millions of stars at night.Most of the experiences were very first timers and we lived it so amazingly. Adventure is something which we travelers live at every moment of a journey. Let it be Kayaking, Singing at a campfire, laughing out loud on their wrong lyrics, those silent ten minutes star gazing or lame imaginative talks about romance with the lady ghost! The first day of camping spent so well and we slept while dreaming next day’s trek to Vasota Fort.


A morning came with a beautiful view which no one ever imagined! Have you ever seen a wall of dense fog? yes!! you read it right. We woke up with this view and that was really awesome.

Heaven On the Earth!

And Journey started with Boating from Bamnoli Village.It was a wonderful experience which was around one and hour boating that made us thought of all the things in our life while gazing at blue water of Koyana river. This kind of experience is much needed when you want to introspect about you and your life!


Vasota fort is attributed to the Kolhapur Shilahara Raja Nandgopal (1178–1193) of Panhala. Vasota always remained with Marathas, Shirkes & Mores in 16th century. Shivaji Maharaj incorporated Swarajya in 1655 during the conquest of Javli. Shivaji Maharaj named the fort “Vyaghragad” (Vyaghra – means tiger), owing to its difficult natural defense. After Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Chatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj , Senapati Bajirao Peshwa carried on the Swarajya mission of ousting the Mughal invaders. In 1818 the British bombarded the fort with heavy artillery, destroying many buildings on Vasota (Chandika mandir, Daru-kothar, etc.) and looted property worth 5 lakhs.

After beautiful heavenly journey we reached Koyana WildLife Sanctury and the dream trek started.

A Gate To Heaven!
Way To Vasota!
Awesome view of heaven while walking on rocks of fort Vasota.

A road to Vasota is full of life. Here you notice wild lush green beauties and some tiny lives which inspire you to go ahead and hug the nature more often. This nature’s treasure gives you the real meaning of wealth. Have a look at these beauties!

Once you reach on a top you get to see Babu Kada (one of the peaks at Fort) and Nageshwar Caves. Often Trekkers climb to Nageshhwar caves after Vasota which requires great endurance level. Vasota makes you fall in his beauty so deep that you will surely thought of visiting this place again!

Old Vasota Fort where there is still wildlife is active!
Beauty Of Old Vasota!
Great Climb rewarded with Great View!


Tanning will get vanish but memories will remain always there !
One More Successful Trek ! Jay Shivaji !! Jay Bhavani !!
And Here we are saying bye to Vasota and returning back with tons of memories!

Clicking Fingers behind Cameras – Sagar Narvane, Gopinath Kulkarni, Mohini Sangpal , Nilesh Bajbalkar

Crazy Trekkers of CrazyUS – Gopinath Kulkarni, Sanmati Annadate, Sagar Narvane, Kunal Jamdade, Srikanth Lahande, Kedar Patki, Mayuresh Palekar, Nilesh Bajbalkar, Nayan Altekar, Chinmay Pawar, Sonal Kharwade, Priyanka Sonawane, Mohini Sangpal, Shilpa Begotre, Triveni Jagtap, Shalaka More, S Chitra Rao, Sneha Shirodkar, Arti Nalawde, Tanvi Shah, Venkat Krishnagiri, Gouri Surywanshi.

A traveler can write his/her story only in few words and make you a short trip to that destination! I Hope you too loved Vasota trip through my story 🙂 Till I come with next interesting travel story, show love to this story in likes and share this story with your friends and travel buddies and keep traveling!

Lots Of Love,

Gouri Suryawanshi 🙂


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  1. Mayuresh Patil says:

    Awesome post….. 😍


  2. Cheryl John says:

    You just gave me another place to tick off that little bucket list book. 😀 Wonderful post girl.

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  3. Nomadosauras says:

    Amazing travelogue, as always. You should blog more often!
    Cheers & keep trekking 🙂


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