A Royal Trek To First Capital Of Maratha Empire : Rajgad Fort

Rajgad which is actually mean ‘Royal Fort’ was the first Capital of Maratha Empire. This place has witnessed many historical events such as birth of Shivaji Maharaj’s  Son Rajaram, Death of Shivaji Maharaj’s Queen Saibai,the return of Shivaji from Agra and the burial of Afzal Khan’s head in the Mahadarwaja walls of Balle Killa.


Rajgad is located 60 km to the South West of Pune, about 15 km West of Nasarapur in the Sahyadris range. The highest part of the fort has remains of palaces, water cisterns and caves. The main entrance door is known as the Mahadarwaja. This fort is built on the hill called Murumbadevi Dongar (Mountain of the Goddess Murumba). Rajgad boasts of the highest number of days stayed by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj on any fort.

We CrazyUS made a plan to climb that mountain and check out this fort from our bucket list.We started our journey early morning and made our way to Royal Fort.On the way we stopped at Nasarapur to have some Tea Coffee which was much needed !On that beautiful road to Rajgad we didn’t miss a chance to have some craziness !


CrazyUS ❤


We reached Base village Gunjavane and started our trek at 8:45 am.It requires high endurance to walk on those rocky paths of mountain. we were walking step by step to conquer the distance. As we were moving ahead the mountain’s peak was getting visible.It was all covered in fog and clouds.Sometimes it was raining for minutes and making us feel so amazed to have this experience!


 A Walk with Fog !


Rajgad has very stiff rocky patch at some level. It has Iron railings at both sides.We climbed those rocks and made it successful to reach on top. Mahadarwaja is the first entrance gate of fort. It feels so proud to be a part of Maharashtra where we have such forts who are still standing tall and telling us stories of History.


Rajgad has many places to explore such as Bale Killa Darwaja, Suvela Machi, Chor Darwaja, Raj Darbar’s Remains, Goddess Padmavati Temple, Shiva Temple, Daru Kothar  and some Water reservoirs. We explored the fort while getting drenched in rain and enjoying the feeling of being in clouds. Fog on mountains look like a heavenly view! On the way we had s breakfast which we had brought with us. we made lots of memories together and brought back those with us in a form of photos 😉


Time To Show Some Swag !
Some Craziness In The Rain 😀
A Place where they were used to give punishment to the death to those culprits 
Achievers !!
Proud Moment For Every Trekker – To see this Bhagava flag !

On Fort Local People have made food arrangements for visitors. They serve delicious Maharashtrian homemade food such as Pithale Bhakari, Thecha, Poha, Bhajji(Oion Pakode) and Sweet Curd.After lunch we enjoyed some silent moments with nature and started descending a fort. The descend was bit challenging because of rain. All the roads get slippery and you have to maintain your body’s balance and descend carefully.

While trekking You get to see many furry friends!Yes, Dogs are there are fort who give you best company and sometimes helps you to be safe from those monkeys who get aggressive for food and bags we carry !

Love ❤


Trekking in the monsoon season is much better than in summers and winters because you get to see rain, fog, clouds and rainbow on a single day ! Yes ❤ Getting glimpse Rainbow was the perfect end of this trek ! It was such a mesmerizing view ❤

This pic is the definition of Heaven !
On the Top!
Fog and Clouds -Heaven !
Some Relax Time
Descending With Loads Of Memories!
Rainbow ❤ Perfect Beautiful End  Of Trek !

If You want to go for a trek to Rajgad, Here are some details :


Routes To Start Trek-

One can climb the fort from numerous route from villages at the base of Rajgad, 1)starting from Gunjavne (Gunjavne Darwaja or Chor Darwaja both on Padmavati Machee, and a tough route to Chor Darwaja near Nedhe on Suvela Machi). Pali Darwaja is historically the main and easier route. 2) The route for Pali Darwaja is from Wajeghar-Pali. 3) From Chirmudi village (Chor Darwaja on Padmavati Machee), the route meets corresponding route from Gunjavne); 4) From village Bhutunde (Alu Darwaja on Sanjeevani Machee via Dhanghar Vada); 5) From Male (Chor Darwaja on Kaleshwari Buruj, Suvela Machee). 6) From route coming from Budhla Machee of Torna comes through a connecting ridge to Alu Darwaja on Sanjeevani Machi.

Places To Explore On Fort:

  • PADMAVATEE MACHEE – This machee is one of the important structures on the fort. During the Maratha rule, this machee was used as a stronghold to protect the fort.
  • PADMAVATI TEMPLE – This is the temple of goddess Padmavati. Many trekkers use this as an shelter for overnight treks.
  • RAMESHWARAM TEMPLE – This is another small temple which lies in the frontyard of Padmavati temple. It is a temple of lord Shiva. This again can be used for night stays and can accomodate 5-6 persons.
  • ALU DARWAJA – During old days, this door was used to go to Torna fort. The structure of the door is in ruins now.
  • PALI DARWAJA – This is the main door of Rajgad which is still intact. Even the surrounding structures are still intact.
    Trekkers who take the Pali route have to enter the fort via this door.



Food and Water Facility on the fort:

It is always recommended that you carry your own drinking water from home. Atleast 3 litres per person for one day treks
For food, the villagers on weekends do serve Poha, Bhaji and Pithale Bhakari near Padmavati temple on the fort. But its better if you take some snacks packed from home.

Difficulty Level and Other useful tips:

Difficulty level is moderate. It takes approximately 2 1/2 hours to reach to the top via Pali and 3 1/2 hours via Gunjawane. The highest point of Rajgad is Balekilla which is a fort on Rajgad. Take plenty of water and some energy drinks with you as the trek is a bit tiring.Do not carry anything in your hands because its necessary to have your hands empty to hold railings or rocks while climbing. Wear good quality trekking/hiking shoes. Avoid wearing chappals and floaters.

Hope this travel story inspired you to make plans for some tours and treks! Do spread this story in the world and call your travel buddies to make your trek plans!

Till the next travel story , Keep sharing 🙂

Loads Of Love,

Gouri 🙂






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  1. Nomadosauras says:

    I wish you had written this post (or visited the fort) a couple of months earlier! It would have taken care of my half my logistic research for the Rajgad-Torna trek! 😀
    Excellent account of the trek!
    Cheers & Keep exploring 🙂

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    1. gourisays says:

      Thank You For Visiting my blog and reading!And Yes Thank You for the appreceation !

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