Story Of Weirdos Who Are Crazy By Nature But Kind By Heart !


So till Today, you are known about Trek stories of CrazyUS, You may think that they are investing their lot of money and time on Travelling Or They just know how to enjoy their own happiness. Some people also think that they are just irresponsible as they just wander around and have enjoyments!
Let me Tell you their Story about one of their Philanthropic act which might be a little action but whose impact is much bigger! This Year I wanted to spend my birthday with some little angels who deserve much love and compassion as they live without family in orphanages. My Heart get’s heavy to call them orphans so I like to call them little angels and not orphans.
And CrazyUS made their plan to have some lovely time with special kids at Sarveshan Seva Sangh’s Orphanage.Yes, they also thought of Donating some stuff but that was second thought as their main motive was to spend quality time with them and bring lots of smiles with loads of Happiness. They Contributed as they wish and packed some useful Gifts and nutritious food.

As per initial discussion with the founder of the Organization regarding time and event agenda, They reach the venue on time. They started interacting with kids and made a friendly approach to everyone.


Angels Singing Prayers!
IMG_1120 (1)
Venkat Singing Song for little girls.
CrazyUS joining girls to pray 


They played games with them which helped to make these little ones laugh and enjoy the happiness. Few girls were so happy to sing their favorite songs and dance on any song. In those Moments We CrazyUS were living those moments so happily that we too danced with them crazily, we became kids again and had some super crazy moments with these cute innocent dolls.


See the happiness level!
Girls ready to Start  Paper Dance!
The Pic is blurred one but the happiness is very clearly visible!
Stop and Fold the Paper to Dance!

It was more beautiful than any dream to cut a cake with these cuties! And Yes, Who doesn’t like Cake!

And in the end time came to say bye bye and return to home, but CrazyUS made this goodbye more happy to them! They made all girls happy again by giving gifts which they bought from donation money.


Yes , Our Little Pixel was also there to spread happiness !



It doesn’t matter how much you are doing for others but It always matters that you are doing something for others!
CrazyUS buddies who executed this plan too well: Gopinath Kulkarni,Sanmati Annadate,Shrikant Lahandye,Shalaka More,Raunak Renge,Sonal Kharwade,Triveni Jagtap,Priyanka Sonawane,Kunal Kamdade,Kedar Patki,Venkat Krishnagiri,Sagar Narvane, Gouri Suryawanshi.

CrazyUS did a little bit from their side and they continue to do the same ..!
Never miss a chance to help someone, might be you are the only one to help them 🙂
Keep Helping, Keep Spreading Smiles 🙂
With Loads Love,
Gouri ❤


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