The Mystical Trail: Andharban Dark Forest <3

When was the last time you switched off your phone and connected to nature? When was the last time you shut down your computer and experienced beautiful natural landscapes with your travel buddies? When was the last time you hugged a big tree like a naughty kid ?? If your answer is not ‘Recently’ then you must head to Andharban with your gang or loved ones who love to spend time with nature. Because you must go on trips with people you love and you end up with a beautiful trail of memories.

We CrazyUS decided to celebrate Friendship Day at Andharban. To complete this trek without any hassle you must go with experienced trek organizers, so we decided to go with Gad Vede (गड वेडे)Team. We started our journey on 6th August 2017 at 8.30 am (Which was supposed to start at 7 am :|) towards Pimpari Village which was the starting point of the trek.

And This Is CrazyUS’s Ritual To Have Selfie Before We Start Our Journey!

The journey towards Pimpri village was super awesome. Nature was showing his richness through lush green trails of mountains, crystal clear rainwater, dancing waterfalls and many more things.

Maharashtra’s Pride: Red Queen!
I can sit here for hours just looking at this serene beauty.
A Big Sign Of Progress That People Are Utilising Solar Energy.
And This What Shows You That You Are Entering Into Natur’s Own Territory!


We reached Pimpri at 11am and formed groups as there were many trekkers had come to explore this amazing place called ‘Andharban’.

Andharban, This is actually a Marathi word. If we break this word into two parts then Andhar means Darkness and Ban mean Forest. And Yes, This is a truly Dark dense forest where at some places literally sunrays cant reach till the ground and you walk through darkness. This trek is primarily based on descending from the peak. We started walking through lush green grass and natural water streams. The ranges of Tamhini Ghat and foggy weather, what could be more beautiful than this!

Heaven !
Just Walk Into Fog And Get Lost In It!
Walking With Travel Buddied Is The Happiness!
Nature’s Own Green Carpet, Which Is Much Better Than Red Carpet!! ❤

Andharban amazed us with its own beauties. Its Mountain Trail covered with fog and clouds was something magical thing to see. Every place we reach was having its own pretty features that no one could walk ahead without stopping and looking at it.


Mysterious and beautiful mountains


In Every Walk With Nature One Receives More Than He Seeks



The muddy paths take you to beautiful views


Waterfalls were the best thing to see! But these places were little risky to walk as the ground was slippery at some spots. Take a note: While walking on places where waterfalls are falling or streams are flowing don’t put all the weight on the first step. Keep Balance and walk slowly.


The Sound Of Waterfalls is much better than Rock Music.
This Water Is More Better Than Any Bislery Water.

We were walking on all the tiny paths somewhere covered with dry leaves fallen down in the fall season and somewhere on newly grown green grass. Every Turn and climb were having their own uniqueness which was making us fall in love with their amazing beauty.

This Tree Has Added More Gems To The Beauty Of This Breathtaking View
Valley Which Accompanies You On Your Way
Stand Tall And Feel Proud!
This Was Mandatory Pic! Every Hard Climb Gift You A Beautiful View!!<3

We CrazyUS made this trek more memorable with all our stupid things and yes, we made loads of memories.


Walking Through Dark Forst Was Such A Lovely Experience


Andharban has its own treasure of wild plants and flowers which you may observe while walking through it. Some flowers were so beautiful that we could not resist ourselves to catch them in our lenses.


We descended the range and reached Bhira Village where we had delicious local food, had some rest, had a little walk in the village and yes a last big group photo! Photos are mandatory these days !!!

CrazyUS – GadVede Trekkers
And We Completed Our Andharban Trek!

Some Information If You Are Planning To Go With Your Travel Buddies:

  • Things To Carry
    • Trekking Bag Or Any Backpack to keep all things and to keep hands free
    • Some Energy Food/Biscuits/Fruits to have in between trek
    • Water Bottle 3 Litters.
    • Personal medicines
    • Camera(Optional)
    • Snugly fitting canvas shoes / Sports shoes
    • Torch with spare set of batteries
    • Safety pins(For Emergency)
    • Electoralor Energy Powder or Glucon D powder
    • Good trekking shoes, Extra Pair of Clothes
    • Plastic bag to keep clothes dry
  • Major Attractions

Beautiful Kundalika Valley, Tamhini Ghat, Bhira Dam Landscape Start Point, Plus valley, Independence Point, A View Of Devkund Waterfall from top of the valley and some beautiful spots for Landscape and macro photography.

  • Location Address: Near Mulshi, Tamhini Ghat, Pune, Maharashtra (India).
  • How To Reach : 

         From PunePunePiranghut → Mulshi → Tamhini ghat → Pimpri Dam.

         From Mumbai: Dadar → Vashi → Kalamboli →Lonavla → Pimpri Dam and                  returning route – Bhira Dam → Pali → Khopoli → Kalamboli → Vashi.

         ST Bus Route: If you are planning to go by ST bus then take a bus to Bhamburde village from Lonavala (40 km). From Bhamburde, you can either have a walk of 14 km or take a private vehicle to Pimpri village.

  • Height / Elevation: 2100 feet at the starting point. You will start descending into the valley from the starting point.
  • Best Time To Visit: August to January is the best time to do this trek.

So overall Andharban is the marvelous beauty amidst ranges of Sahyadris every trekker must visit at least once!

Hope You Liked This Travel Story!

Till The Next Interesting Story,

Loads Of Love,

Gouri ❤




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  1. Maharashtra_IG says:

    Beautiful shots and description…


  2. Nomadosauras says:

    Wonderful pictures and info as well! I was going through your blog once again and noticed you haven’t posted in a while!
    Do blog again 🙂
    Cheers & keep trekking!


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