Dog Adoption : A Beautiful Dream Come True!

I think life is a canvas given to each of us by nature and we have to decide how to colour this canvas.We have this one life and we all together are here to help each other to make our lives worth living. So while colouring our canvas we have to make sure that we must help others to make their canvas more colourful with the help of colours of love, happiness and kindness.

Bringing Puppy home is the dream I always thought of.I took the decision of being a pet parent when I became financially stable and had my own home. After Coming To Pune I came to know about Pet Adoption Concept, Where we don’t buy a puppy but we adopt puppy legally.And this was something really great thing. Selling and Buying of Puppies is really the worst thing which has become a way of money making for breeders and shoppers. Adoption Gives you double happiness-happiness of being a pet parent and happiness of doing a kind thing by bringing a puppy who is waiting for its forever family.

I started enquiring about puppies up for adoption and I came to know about Pixel- a 2.5 Month Cocker Spaniel breed puppy ), who’s actually given as Gift to his previous owner.

Pixel – The Cocker Spaniel Boy!


Unfortunately or because he was in my fortune they gave it for Adoption to Mr Sameer Gokhale (Founder of Unleash The Dog Boarding). Sameer initiated the process of adoption at Animal Welfare League. After Verification of Documents and House, I got eligible for Puppy Adoption and I took Pixel home on my Birthday, which was the best thing I ever have done on my special day!

The happiness of finding a baby!!


Most Of the people think bringing puppies home need money and buying them from breeders or shoppers is the only option which is a really sad thing.After Adopting Pixel, Most Of the People come to know about Pets Adoption.Some of my friends who were ready to pay for puppies got encouraged to adopt instead of shop.

What can be more beautiful than looking at the sleeping puppy!


The dog is the loveliest loyal animal on the earth, giving home and loveful family to at least one can be the kindest thing one can do who love Dogs.

Its Pixel and mommy’s story!


My Message to all is please support Dog Adoption and strictly Say ‘No’ to Pets Buy and Sell. Dogs love you more than you love yourself. And Having Dog at a home is very big all time responsibility. If You love dogs but cant take responsibility then you can support Animal Rescuers like ResQ and Blue Cross Animal Charity by donating or spending some time with abandoned or rescued Dogs/pets.

So Be kind to Dogs and you will be blessed with abundant love ❤


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  1. Komal says:

    Wow…beautifully written👌

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